About Us

Hi! My Name is…

Selene, the Head Witch In Charge here at Moonlight Mystics. 

I am a coach, mentor, bookkeeper, witch, and author at Moonlight Mystics.

I originally had all of these parts of myself separately. And through all of that, I still felt unfulfilled. I was doing all of my favorite things but putting on a different face for each, so I was only THAT version of myself.

As I continue to evolve in this crazy ride of life and pursue living my best life, a thought occurred to me: Why not just be all of me in one room(website)?

 Moonlight Mystics is the evolution of Selene. Where not only will you get a champion for self-love, but someone who tells fun stories filled with sexy times and someone who can help you with that pesky bookkeeping. 

So here you will find something for…well, not everyone, but for a lot of people. Moonlight Mystics is where the practical meets the spiritual.

It’s a place where you get a real bad b(w)itch😉 who keeps it real, champions for the ones just trying to live their best lives and become a badass in their life, business, career, or all of the above.

So whether you are looking for a mentor, bookkeeper, or a good read, Moonlight Mystics is the place. Interested contact me below!

What They Say

I do honestly need someone on my ass a bit. Haha

I sometimes give myself a bit too much slack. Or get stuck in a mood.

And also you’re amazing. 💜

Tara B.

I love that you’re the perfect balance of caring and taking no shit. I know I could trust you to give it to me straight by acting through kindness instead of ever being fake to save face or seem “nice.” I can trust your opinion and know you’ll tell me when I’m giving too much or not giving enough.


Selene is hands down the best fucking hype woman around. She has helped me feel more comfortable in my skin and I never thought it was possible.


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