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Selene: Your Unapologetically Fierce Guide to Self-Love & Kickass Confidence

Welcome to the revolution, where societal norms are destroyed, and self-love is non-negotiable. In a world filled with shoulds and musts, I’m here to flip the script with a resounding “fuck that.” Imagine me, your new best friend, who’s mastered the art of pumping spirits and demolishing doubts.

You’re inherently worthy. If whispers of undeservingness haunt you—love, happiness, self-esteem—prepare to meet your living, breathing proof that you’re motherfucking deserving.

Once upon a time, I was the typical insecure teen, obsessed beauty standards and bombarded with absurd life goals (a husband at 19? What the fuck…). Fast forward through years of self-discovery, from a 26-year-old me in therapy to a health-focused, joy-pursuing baddie. Witness the birth of a new Selene, the HBIC—unshackled and unstoppable.

Embracing freedom transformed me. It’s addicting, and once you taste it, there’s no going back.

For a decade, I’ve viciously guarded my energy and lived unapologetically. Sure, I’ve stumbled, but each time, I rise from the ashes, stronger and more badass than ever.

I might drop a few f-bombs (it’s a love language, I swear), and sugarcoating isn’t my style. But, baddie, it’s all because I see your potential. And I’m here to be your relentless cheerleader, urging you to be fucking kinder to yourself.

Ready to embrace the baddie within™?

Let’s fucking do this.

Together, we’ll redefine beauty standards, smash societal expectations, and cultivate a life of unapologetic joy and fierce self-love.

Fuck it up, bestie. It’s our time to shine.


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